Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre
Charlotte Brontë 1847
Bantam Publishing

The orphaned Jane Eyre is brought up by rich relations who despise and bully her before she is banished to Lowood, a grim charity school. As she grows up there, she accepts that her only prospects lie in "a new servitude", and takes a post at Thornfield Hall as governess to Adèle, ward of the mysterious Mr Rochester. When he returns from his travels abroad, he finds that conversation with the quiet, composed young woman is unexpectedly congenial. The saturnine master and the high principled governess find themselves being drawn ever closer until the mystery which haunts Thornfield Hall overwhelms them and threatens to destroy Jane's hopes of happiness... This, the best-loved of Charlotte Brontë's novels, is, above all, an archetypal love story and a passionate assertion of a woman's right to fulfilment and a rich imaginative life.
Personal Review:
I could talk your ear off with this book but I won't. I adore Jane Eyre. (Pronounced "air") The story of a Young who makes the best of a bad situation. She make one friend at her boarding school and she dies one night with Jane. Jane then teaches for a while at the school and then goes to work for Mr. Rochester as a governess. Strange things occur there though. Mr. Rochester is almost burned to death in his sleep. Jane blames it on another servant named Grace Poole. But it was actually done by... well I'm not going to tell everything. Jane hears strange laughter at night. Blaming more on Grace. Claiming she gets drunk. Mr. Rochester throws a small party at one point in the book but he's not there. A strange gypsy woman comes to read the fortunes of the all the women. Jane and two other prima donnas. After the two the gypsy asks for Jane who doesn't believe in such things. It turns out to be Rochester who then tells Jane that he loves her. Then they hear a man scream and find one of the guests who is also Rochester's friend stabbed and bitten in the shoulder. They plan their marriage but at the alter an unforeseeable force prevents their marriage. Rochester asks Jane to be his mistress but she refuses, running away. She ends up in a small town where she meets some cousins. Her uncle has left her a small fortune. Well I don't want to spoil the entire thing.

The book is so good the characters are actually relatable and their problems are like real problems. Really good.

Grade: +++++
Book to read this week: The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen
(2nd shot at her, this one had better be good!)
P. S. Hey look I actually did this one on Tuesday!


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