A Bit About The Site

I love to read. That's why I started this blog. I wanted to get others to read, and when I looked for a blog about books I couldn't find what I was looking for. This was what I was looking for. A place where books are reviewed.  And It's a book club in a sense that I tell you what I'm reviewing next and then you can read it and comment on what I'm talking about. A place for avid and passive readers alike. A cozy site I hope. Please make yourself at home here. Alert Alert Read This: I'll Post Once A Week On Tuesdays With A review Of The Book I Told You To Read! I mean, unlike Movie Critic I can't read a book in one day. I need at least a week to read a book. Unlike movies you can't read a book in two hours. So I can't post about books all the time. I can read one book a week or so and that's how often I'll post once a week. So write on every Tuesday you can "Check 'Maggie's Book Club' today." Then once you get in the habit you'll know that you need only check on Tuesdays. 

Now For Something About Me:
I'm not athletic. Just know that now. I read for fun... all the time. I love music, and history. Ahh I LOVE history. Not the wars, plagues, or economy. What I love is what makes that time period that time period. The religious expectations, social constructs, the social interactions, and the clothes. It's facinating. I plan to travel to other countries. Read my complete profile for more info.

P.S. Feel free to ask questions. in comments.

Credit to my grading key and the way I do posts comes from Movie Critic who's method of review and the way he has his site set up I appropriated. Sorry Marin...

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